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Learn Parts of Speech with Mind Map

Learn English Grammar with Mind Maps – Parts of Speech

Learning English grammar has always been a pain for many people. It’s true that grammar can be tough even for native speakers. Despite hearing the language from people around, grammar is seldom taken in their school curriculum. What`s more, what is acquired from their daily life is sometimes not correct. As is said by  Robert Browning, “Less is more”, a meticulous grammar book might be good for advanced learners, but more detailed explanations usually come with more pages, thus […]

Learn Grammar with Mind Map

Learn English Grammar with Mind Maps – Sentence Types

An essay is made up of numerous sentences that follow corresponding grammar rules. Before typing out texts, it’s necessary that you make sure your sentences have correct meaning and placement. In this case, it’s of great importance to get an overall vision on English sentence types.
Why Should I Choose to Learn Sentence Types with a Mind Map?
English grammar itself has never been easy for the overwhelming majority. Starting a demanding subject from a brick-like book will surely decrease your […]

Make a book summary with mind map

How to Make a Book Summary with Mind Maps

A book summary serves to record information of a book, usually including information about the author, the plot, the characters and themes. A good book summary offers you a whole picture of a particular book and strengthens their impression on this book, thus employing the reader more gains. As is quoted by Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is power.” The main resource where we retain knowledge books. This clearly explains why people need to make a book summary.
How Do People Make […]

Organize your house with a mind map

A Mind Map Gets Your House Organized

Cindy leads a busy life, working from 9:00 to 18:00 every weekday, plus three hours on the way to work and home. She poorly has spare time to clean her house except for weekends – a short weekly vacation that she hopes to spend dating with friends and traveling with family.  Even though, she has to pick a fixed weekend period to tidy up her house. Every week, she starts off with a nice house and a nice mood. […]