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Mind Map Resume Template

Customize your Mind Map Resume Template in 3 Minutes

Before you leave your college or university, there is an important thing for you to do – prepare a unique resume for job seeking. It is obvious that a good resume gives HR staffs a deep impression on you – yourself.  Now I would like to introduce you a unique resume form – mind map resume which could be designed under the method of mind mapping. With them, you can customize the resume template in 3 minutes for arresting […]

UK Location in Map with Edraw

Learn the U.K. History Timeline with Mind Map Examples

Mind mapping is important in the history learning process as it is intuitive for viewers to memory with the adjusted layout. Today, I will show you my mind map notes on the U.K. history to share with you the U.K. history timeline mind map examples made by some useful free mind map tools, or Mac mind mapping applications. Hope you like.
Here is the vertical U.K. history timeline mind map example. Click the image to view the clear image with the […]


Mind Mapping the Life of Stephen Hawking

Dr. Stephen Hawking, an outstanding scientist, and physicist died at his home quietly on 14th March 2018 at the age of 76. The leave of Stephen Hawking is the regret of this time as he was more than a universe expert – a citizen of the universe. Let’s browse the life of Stephen Hawking through a mind map. Feel free to click the image to see the clear mind map made via the Edraw Viewer.

Graph made by the Mac […]

American history feature image

U.S. History Mind Map: a Visual Guide to Am

Mind Mapping is a great visual solution to memorize hallmark events especially the long history of a country. It helps you memorize when studying history. Today, taking the U.S. as an example, I will show you a visual guide to American history which is the U.S. history mind map.
Overview of the U.S. History Mind Map
The U.S. history mind map is divided into 6 periods, starting from 12,000 BC with North American Indian cultures flourishing to the millennium with the final end […]

Set Goals Mind Map

How to Use Mind Mapping for Goal Setting

Goal setting is everywhere in our lives. You may set goals for your health, financial plan, careers, and all around your daily life. As a consultant, I am familiar with many goal setting approaches to transforming the status quo into the future. Today I would like to suggest mind mapping as the best goal setting solution to ensure the accomplishments of your goals. You may wonder what mind mapping is, and then I will show you the definition of […]

Coggle Image

Coggle Review – Online Mind Mapping Service

Coggle, launched in May 2013, is an online mind map software for understanding and sharing complicated information. Coggle enables users to create mind maps and gather a team of users together for real-time collaboration. It is certain that Coggle is one of the best online collaborative free mind map tool ever. Thus, it is widely used in sharing thoughts, digging ideas, planning and works on ideas together based on complete or incomplete information. Coggle is also a cleanest open […]

WiseMapping Feature Image

WiseMapping Review – Mind Mapping Solution of Visualizing your Thinking

WiseMapping is a Java-based online mind map tool which aims to visualize your thinking in education and business field. It is used for organizing your ideas as the form of mind mapping. It is launched by a small interest group of mind mapping fans who intend to offer free mind mapping drawing service. With offering an open source for the public to learn from its codes, WiseMapping soon becomes one of the best online freeware in mind mapping field. […]

iThoughtsX Logo

iThoughtsX Review – Classic Mind Mapping Application for Mac

iThoughtsX is a Mac mind mapping application which is based on and fully compatible with iOS iThoughts. It is provided by Craig Scott under an entrepreneur named ToketaWare in the UK. For sure, it is one of the easiest mind mapping application in Apple (Mac) store. iThoughtsX is widely used in ideas generation, note-taking and presentation for both private and public uses. The themes of this app are different from other colorful one but more likely to the simple […]

freemind feature image

FreeMind Review – Totally Free Open Source Brainstorming Tool

FreeMind is an amazing brainstorming and open source based free mind map tool. Programmed in Java for cross-platform portability, FreeMind is licensed under GNU General Public License so that you have an option of using Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems with Java Runtime Environment. It owns users from almost all fields including business, education, government, etc. who can create idea generation, language learning, presentation making, brainstorming, task management based mind maps.

Operating System
FreeMind is designed to operate with Mac […]

XMind logo

XMind Review – Open Source Mind Mapping Technique

XMind, put forward by XMind Ltd in 2006, performs well in mind mapping field. It has a big crowd of users all over the world. Not only does it provide users functions in creating mind mapping but also offers open source. XMind aims to be the top cross-platform idea generation and brainstorming mind map software for Windows, Mac, and Linux to help users boost efficiency. It is widely used for project management, brainstorming, concept management, meeting minutes taking, and […]