How to Mind Map

A detailed guide for you to start with different types of mind mapping, and software, and some useful tips for creation. Feel free to check here for more how to mind map articles for theme, style, layout, signals or marks etc.

How to Create a Bubble Map with a Mind Mapping Tool?

Bubble maps are widely used in both business and educational fields. It is also quite fun to create a bubble map. Just read this article for more information so you can have a try right away!
What is a Bubble Map?
A bubble map has a large circle at the center of the map with a number of branch lines extend to smaller circles, which are also called bubbles. The central idea of a bubble map is clearly defined, and you […]


How to Create a Circle Map with a Mind Mapping Tool?

Have you ever tried using a mind mapping tool to create a circle map? If the answer is a “NO”, then simply refer to this guide to have a quick start right now!
What is a Circle Map?
Circle maps are a combination of a number of circles in different sizes.  Each of the inner circles contains the words or phrases of a certain item, idea or aspect related to a mina topic. A circle map is generally used for defining […]


How to Create a Mind Map Online? – An Easy Guide

In recent years, the popularity of mind mapping is self-evident, since an increasing number of people use mind maps as a new way of thinking. Mind mapping indeed is worth trying based on its advantages. Today, we gonna show you the basic concepts of mind mapping and how to efficiently create a mind map online. Let’s start now!
What is a Mind Map?
Mind mapping is not a very complex concept. It is a structured model centering on a topic and diverging […]


How to Brainstorm with Mind Maps – Learn Easy Tricks

We all want a solution to tease out our ideas and learn concepts based on a usable format. Such a step is both important to our daily lives, educational assignments and business. Lists and paper notes can’t always help, so what else should you try? Today we gonna see how to brainstorm with mind maps in the best mind map software.
What Is Brainstorming?
Brainstorming is popular both in professional and educational contexts, and it is a technique generated to assist teams […]


How to Make a Timeline by Free Mind Mapping Software

What is a Timeline?
Timeline diagrams are usually used for visually showing different types of events during specific time period intervals along a line. Such events may include historic activities, business project milestones, academic report deadlines and more. You can also clearly check out the overview sequence of an event by creating a timeline with images if necessary. Now, you may wonder how to make a timeline easily, and luckily the overall process is simple especially when using some free […]


How to Make a Fishbone Diagram with an Easy Mind Map Software

Fishbone diagrams, which are also been called as Cause and Effect Diagrams, were first pointed out by Kaoru Ishikawa. Generally, it is used for determining the root cause of a problem, especially in quality management. A typical fishbone diagram is composed of a single effect with a number of sub-causes. The fish head reflects the problem statement, and the fish body shows several different causes that contribute to the whole problem.

Here we gonna show you how to make a […]


Stylize Mind Maps in Multiple Ways: A Handy Guide

Imagine that you have just finished a series of coursework in a free mind map tool for tomorrow’s submission, you still want to improve the work, but don’t know where to start. Considering a search on Google for a new drawing tool or materials? Wait! There are other easy and even quicker ways to stylize mind maps.
Let’s Start from the Very Beginning
Suppose that the below diagram is your draft work. Just in a single color and no other element are […]


Create A Slideshow for Mind Maps: The FREE and Quick Solution

Imagine that you have just finished a series of mind maps for tomorrow’s group discussion, so how would you quickly create a slideshow according to all the details of your work? You may wanna open the Microsoft PowerPoint to copy and paste single element, or even redraw your mind map again. Wait! Here is an even quicker and easier way to solve the problem.
The Automatic Tool to Create a Slideshow
It means that you can create presentation slides via just […]


Diagram Clipart for Mind Maps: Essential Categories & Practical Usages

When you are creating mind maps, you may feel inconvenient to find relevant resources, such as some really useful clipart to help you explain content better. It surely wastes much time if you draw all the elements by yourself. So what is the solution? Don’t panic, just check these originally designed mind map diagram clipart those are ready to use. You can see a summary of the main categories of mind map clipart in the below image. Now we […]


How to Make a Concept Map: Recommended Easy Guide

A concept map, which can also be called as a conceptual diagram, shows relationships between ideas. Normally, a typical concept map is formed by a number of elements, such as text boxes, squares, connectors and various arrows, in order to show an overall hierarchical framework. In reality, concept maps are especially used in computer science fields, such as software development, Unified Modeling Language (UML) and so on. This article will gonna show you a step-by-step easy guide on how to make a concept map based […]