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Top 7 Types of Thinking in a Visually Appealing Mind Map

Different types of thinking can efficiently improve our studying and working process. However, how many of them do you really know about? So, in today’s article, we will show you more about these productive types of thinking in a clear and visually appealing mind map.
What are Types of Thinking?
The type of thinking is how people exploring and examining objects in our life. Both immaterial and material aspects are integrated into different types of ways of thinking. In reality, people […]


Learn 50/30/20 Budget Rule with Three Mind Maps

Do you make a budget for every month spending? How much can you save every month or you often spend over money? If you don’t know how to get your money in order and want to save money, there is an easy and effective way to try. The “50/30/20 rule”. This budget rule was coined by Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard bankruptcy expert who named by Time magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.
Meanwhile, because […]


A Mind Map of the Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs

You may have heard about the following statements: “Successful people read.” or “You are what you read”. Indeed, reading can improve your productivity a lot especially if you are an entrepreneur. Today, we gonna find out the top 10 recommended books in a mind map for entrepreneurs those have undergone the test of time.
Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs Mind Map
Simply click on the mind map below for more information.

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Three Mind Maps to Show Differences Between Positive and Negative thinking

Thinking positively or thinking negatively impacts heavily on how we handle things. So what are the differences between the two thinking habits? This article will explain it from three aspects with mind maps.
Every cloud has a silver lining. But some people just see the cloud. That is a common phenomenon in our daily life: to see the cloud but ignore the silver lining. Just like the half glass water experiment: people who see the silver lining would say: “Oh, […]


What are the Key Differences between Concept Maps and Mind Maps?

You may struggle to differentiate the real differences between concept maps and mind maps. Indeed, these two kinds of diagrams share many common points because concept mapping and mind mapping all belong to the field of Visual Mapping. Simply read this article to learn about their origins, basic definitions, key differences and how to conduct these two types.
What is a Concept Map?
Concept maps are normally used for sorting, analyzing and displaying knowledge (e.g. tacit information etc.) and problems based […]

HR Dashboard

Mind Map of HR Roles in an Organization

Seeking for a job or an applicant as an HR personnel? This page interprets the definition, career responsibility, and importance of HR roles to any organization. Start with the HR roles mind map and go deeper through the content.
Abbreviated as HR, a human-resources department takes charge of people-related issues in an organization and thus is essential to the long-term development of an organization. As a bridge connecting the employees and the employer, it performs human resource management, overseeing various aspects of […]

popular sneaker brands mind map

Top Popular Sneaker Brands Mind Map

Sneakers are popular from men to women and the young to the old for its comfortable feeling and fine appearance. The beauty and fashion of sneakers are being spread extensively unprecedentedly in recent years. If you are a sneaker fan, don’t miss the sneaker brand mind map which provides a comprehensive introduction to the top prevalent sneaker brands.

Nike is the first sneaker brand I’ve heard in my childhood.  The motto “Just Do It” impressed me a lot before I bought […]


Assistant Project Manager: Essential Points in Easy Mind Maps

What Is an Assistant Project Manager?
An assistant project manager usually follows the direction of the PM to take on tasks of construction. He or she is responsible for helping Project Managers for any projects in order to make sure that budget, schedule, team performance and quality standards are met. Normally, the role requires a professional experience of 3-5 years of construction projects.

Graph made by the Mac Mind Mapping Application Edraw MindMaster
What Duties are for the Role?
An assistant project manager […]


IT Project Management with Easy Mind Maps: Key Concepts

What Is IT Project Management?
Normally, IT project management are the steps of planning, sorting and developing information technology products and services. Such management activities may include a wide range of sub-categories, like mobile application development, hardware establishment, network system development, cloud computing and data system analysis etc.
Why We Need It?
In reality, enterprises and organizations may fail to follow an appropriate standard for their IT project management. Such problems could happen at any stages of their project process, e.g. at the beginning of […]


Agile Mind Map: An Easy Shortcut for New Product

Agile Mind Map: Basic Meaning
An agile mind map refers to agile project management, especially in software development and operations. The word Agile usually shows a continuous improvement in the overall project cycle and the quality of products. Common agile approaches, such as agile mind map creation, Agile Manifesto, and the well-known 12 Agile principles, have close relationships.
How to Use an Agile Mind Map for Product Development?
Agile Management Key Aspects
The main aim of creating an agile mind map is to clearly show the […]