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Six Thinking Hats: Key Points You Need to Know in Easy Mind Maps

What are Six Thinking Hats?
The Six Thinking Hats is a theory pointed out by Edward de Bono, who is a psychologist and a philosopher from Malta. The theory offers an ever more effective and cohesive solution for both group discussions and individual thinking process. The model is considered as the underlying theory of Critical Thinking.

Mind Map made by the Free Mind Map Software Edraw MindMaster
Why We Need Them?
Edward found that human brain may think in distinct challenging ways. Therefore, he uses […]


Stylize Mind Maps in Multiple Ways: A Handy Guide

Imagine that you have just finished a series of coursework in a mind map software for tomorrow’s submission, you still want to improve the work, but don’t know where to start. Considering a search on Google for a new drawing tool or materials? Wait! There are other easy and even quicker ways to stylize mind maps.
Let’s Start from the Very Beginning
Suppose that the below diagram is your draft work. Just in a single color and no other element are included. […]


Mind Map Examples: Business, Lifestyle, Education and More

Mind map examples are quite useful for real-time applications, and they are easy to create by some free mind mapping software. The main categories of such examples mainly include online and offline business, daily life activities, personal improvement and educational uses. Today we gonna see some brilliant mind map examples.
Business Mind Map Examples
Mind maps are great for doing brand promotion in terms of a quite wide sub-topics: content marketing, innovations, creative thinking, blog SNS posts, offline marketing event planning and […]


Assistant Project Manager: Essential Points in Easy Mind Maps

What Is an Assistant Project Manager?
An assistant project manager usually follows the direction of the PM to take on tasks of construction. He or she is responsible for helping Project Managers for any projects in order to make sure that budget, schedule, team performance and quality standards are met. Normally, the role requires a professional experience of 3-5 years of construction projects.

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What Duties are for the Role?
An assistant project manager generally […]


Digital Marketing Tools: Top Names to Boom Your Business

Digital marketing is crucial for different sizes of business to improve performance and promote online products. Small or middle-sized companies prefer to use some free digital marketing tools for higher productivity. Here we would talk about the top 5 recommended brands for such tools in terms of various marketing sub-categories.
Edraw MindMaster
This multi-platform based software is mainly for any materials creation of content marketing, creative thinking, brainstorming, and marketing innovation etc. Besides, the built-in Cloud and SlideShow functions are quite good for […]


IT Project Management: Key Concepts & Important Aspects

What Is IT Project Management?
Normally, IT project management are the steps of planning, sorting and developing information technology products and services. Such management activities may include a wide range of sub-categories, like mobile application development, hardware establishment, network system development, cloud computing and data system analysis etc.
Why We Need It?
In reality, enterprises and organizations may fail to follow an appropriate standard for their IT project management. Such problems could happen at any stages of their project process, e.g. at the beginning of […]


Create A Slideshow for Mind Maps: The FREE and Quick Solution

Imagine that you have just finished a series of mind maps for tomorrow’s group discussion, so how would you quickly create a slideshow according to all the details of your work? You may wanna open the Microsoft PowerPoint to copy and paste single element, or even redraw your mind map again. Wait! Here is an even quicker and easier way to solve the problem.
The Automatic Tool to Create a Slideshow
It means that you can create presentation slides via just […]

Text2 Mind Map

Text2 Mind Map Review: Simple Concept-mapping Tool

Text2 Mind Map is an intuitive concept-mapping tool for organizing ideas and turning them into node-based maps online. It is a free online mind map and concept map maker, with drag-and-drop functionality, which can help you conveniently create, customize, save and share your concepts using the most rudimentary, yet useful customization options.
Start mind mapping without logging in to this free online application. Text2 Mind Map takes minutes to master. It works on all modern browsers.
Text2Mind map is available for […]


Diagram Clipart for Mind Maps: Essential Categories & Practical Usages

When you are creating mind maps, you may feel inconvenient to find relevant resources, such as some really useful clipart to help you explain content better. It surely wastes much time if you draw all the elements by yourself. So what is the solution? Don’t panic, just check these originally designed mind map diagram clipart those are ready to use. You can see a summary of the main categories of mind map clipart in the below image. Now we […]

Mind map software - Edraw Max

Concept Map Creator: Come to See the Big Names

Do you know you can create any types of concept maps in a concept map creator? Normally, concept maps are quite similar to typical mind maps, and these two categories share the same diagram structure pattern. Let’s check some of the top recommended concept map tools.
Edraw MindMaster
Edraw MindMaster offers very handy user experience for concept map and mind map creations. You can quickly insert topics one-by-one or in groups. The Floating Topic option lets you move a single node […]