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Find mind map usages and examples for language learning. Get useful language learning grammar mind maps, vocabulary mind maps and more.

pomodoro technique

How to Learn the Pomodoro Technique with Mind Maps

Many people have heard of the Pomodoro Technique,  and know that people cut the task into a time unit of 25 minutes to work more efficiently. However, most people may not understand the basic principles in detail. So, today we will introduce what the Pomodoro Technique is and how it works with mind maps.
The Pomodoro Technique is to list the daily to-do tasks, then set an alarm clock with a length of 25 minutes for each job, and then […]


What are the Key Differences between Concept Maps and Mind Maps?

You may struggle to differentiate the real differences between concept maps and mind maps. Indeed, these two kinds of diagrams share many common points because concept mapping and mind mapping all belong to the field of Visual Mapping. Simply read this article to learn about their origins, basic definitions, key differences and how to conduct these two types.
What is a Concept Map?
Concept maps are normally used for sorting, analyzing and displaying knowledge (e.g. tacit information etc.) and problems based […]

English Learning

10 Useful Examples of English Learning Mind Maps

A number of people are complaining that English is so difficult a language to learn. If you find it hard and are looking for effective solutions, check out the following examples of English learning mind maps. They will probably give you a leg up in English grammar and vocabulary learning. You can magnify the mind map by clicking on the picture to view it in the source link. Free to download and use the mind map example if you find […]

Learn Vocabulary with Mind Map

How to Learn and Expand Vocabulary with Mind Maps

Mind maps can be an effective tool in learning vocabulary words and expressions by making connections in a non-linear way. Language is used whenever and wherever possible. Vocabulary is the root of everything that involves the use of languages, such as writing, advertising, publishing, and daily communication. We are forced to receive, learn and use vocabulary every day, thus it’s necessary for us to master how to learn and expand vocabulary with mind maps.
Mind Map for Synonyms
Have you ever been caught […]

Learn vacabulary of a second language with mind maps

How to Memorize Vocabulary of a Second Language with Mind Maps

There is no doubt that you start learning a foreign language from its vocabulary. When you sing, you begin with Do Re Mi; when you read, you begin with ABC. Vocabulary is the spring of sentences, paragraphs, essays, and books that provide readers with knowledge. Actually, that’s commonly how vocabulary is taught to most students and how they review them following a linear structure. Does this words list work? Yes, but not that much. Such a structure can hardly […]

Learn Parts of Speech with Mind Map

Learn English Grammar with Mind Maps – Parts of Speech

Learning English grammar has always been a pain for many people. It’s true that grammar can be tough even for native speakers. Despite hearing the language from people around, grammar is seldom taken in their school curriculum. What`s more, what is acquired from their daily life is sometimes not correct. As is said by  Robert Browning, “Less is more”, a meticulous grammar book might be good for advanced learners, but more detailed explanations usually come with more pages, thus […]

Learn Grammar with Mind Map

Learn English Grammar with Mind Maps – Sentence Types

An essay is made up of numerous sentences that follow corresponding grammar rules. Before typing out texts, it’s necessary that you make sure your sentences have correct meaning and placement. In this case, it’s of great importance to get an overall vision on English sentence types.
Why Should I Choose to Learn Sentence Types with a Mind Map?
English grammar itself has never been easy for the overwhelming majority. Starting a demanding subject from a brick-like book will surely decrease your […]