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A mind map is an effective tool for business as it can help with brainstorming ideas, managing projects, collaborating on tasks, and organizing information. Check mind map skills and examples for business use.

Six Thinking Hats: Key Points You Need to Know in Easy Mind Maps

What are Six Thinking Hats?
The Six Thinking Hats is a theory pointed out by Edward de Bono, who is a psychologist and a philosopher from Malta. The theory offers an ever more effective and cohesive solution for both group discussions and individual thinking process. The model is considered as the underlying theory of Critical Thinking.

Mind Map made by the Free Mac Mind Mapping Application Edraw MindMaster
Why We Need Them?
Edward found that human brain may think in distinct challenging ways. Therefore, he […]


Mind Map Examples: Business, Lifestyle, Education and More

Mind map examples are quite useful for both business and language learning applications, and they are easy to create by some free mind mapping software. The main categories of such examples mainly include online and offline business, daily life activities, personal improvement and educational uses. Today we gonna see some brilliant mind map examples.
Business Mind Map Examples
Mind maps are great for doing brand promotion in terms of a quite wide sub-topics: content marketing, innovations, creative thinking, blog SNS posts, offline […]


Digital Marketing Tools to Assist Mind Mapping: Top Names

Digital marketing is crucial for different sizes of business to improve performance and promote online products. Small or middle-sized companies prefer to use some free digital marketing tools like some online mind map software to improve productivity. Here we would talk about the top 5 recommended brands for such tools in terms of various marketing sub-categories.
Edraw MindMaster (Free Download Right Now!)
This multi-platform based software is mainly for any materials creation of content marketing, creative thinking, brainstorming, and marketing innovation etc. Besides, the built-in […]


Best Linux Software for Business: More Than Mind Mapping

Looking for the best Linux Software? Indeed, the Linux operating system has a number of quite attractive benefits for users compared to Windows or Mac OS. Linux allows users to install on more than one device, which is much flexible than Windows or Mac applications packages. You can also customize many parts in Linux, such as the default desktop theme. What’s more, nearly everyone knows that Windows is not cheap at all, especially for the expensive virus protection software. Here we […]


Agile Mind Map: An Easy Shortcut for New Product

Agile Mind Map: Basic Meaning
An agile mind map refers to agile project management, especially in software development and operations. The word Agile usually shows a continuous improvement in the overall project cycle and the quality of products. Common agile approaches, such as agile mind map creation, Agile Manifesto, and the well-known 12 Agile principles, have close relationships.
How to Use an Agile Mind Map for Product Development?
Agile Management Key Aspects
The main aim of creating an agile mind map is to clearly show the […]


Org Chart Map: How About Trying a Different Style

Org Chart Map: What Is It?
An org chart map is something like the combination of org chart and mind map diagrams. If you have created org charts before, you may have already seen lots of hierarchical organizational framework. Usually, the CEO or department director is put in the top position of an org chart. Such cases may also occur in mind mapping diagrams if you consider the main topic in your mind map as the leading position. You may […]

Set Goals Mind Map

How to Use Mind Mapping for Goal Setting

Goal setting is everywhere in our lives. You may set goals for your health, financial plan, careers, and all around your daily life. As a consultant, I am familiar with many goal setting approaches to transforming the status quo into the future. Today I would like to suggest mind mapping as the best goal setting solution to ensure the accomplishments of your goals. You may wonder what mind mapping is, and then I will show you the definition of […]

meeting plan MindMaster

Step-by-step Guide to an Effective Meeting Agenda Mind Map

What is the first impression coming to your mind when mention meeting? For most office staffs, it might be tedious and time-consuming. You may wonder why this situation appeared. From my perspective, the agenda for the meeting is set unreasonably without an effective meeting plan. According to my organizing meeting experience, I suggest meeting organizers design an effective meeting agenda with a productive tool – mind mapping.

Graph made by the Mac Mind Mapping Application Edraw MindMaster 
What is a mind map?
Before […]


Top 6 Ways to Improve Work Efficiency with Mind Maps

Mind mapping is an easy and convenient solution for you whether you are improving business skills, handling with overload info or boosting your work productivity. The main reason for the powerful productivity of a mind map is it follows a similar and natural way to your brain. Check more details below for the top ways to improve work efficiency with mind maps.
Creating Your Short or Long-term Working Plan
It really helps you a lot to improve work efficiency with mind […]

mind map for org chart 2

Why HR Specialists Love Using Mind Map for Org Charts

The organizational chart, known as the org chart, is a chart that reflects the composition of the company structure, staffing, and relative information. As mind mapping is the best illustration of information, most HR specialists love using the mind map for org charts. Thus, based on some practical examples, I will show you the reason why HR specialists love using the mind map for org charts.
Why Mind Map for Org Charts?
Develop Comprehensive Enterprise Structure
For an HR specialist, one of […]