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A mind map is an effective tool for business as it can help with brainstorming ideas, managing projects, collaborating on tasks, and organizing information. Check mind map skills and examples for business use.

plan schedule

How to Plan Schedule with Mind Maps

You may notice that currently people pay much attention to time and control their time strictly.  Thus, time concept motivates people to boost efficiency powerfully. Planning a schedule becomes a practical process of time concept, but at that time calendar could not meet the requirement of high demands. In this article, I will introduce you a productive and intuitive way – plan schedule with mind maps.

Comparisons of schedule tools and mind maps imply a prodigious gap. Using traditional time […]

take meeting minute

How to Take Meeting Minutes with Mind Maps

Meeting minutes always become nightmares for administrators, officials, secretaries, and assistants especially beginners of users. Choosing a good method of taking meeting minutes will not only give a good impression on your bosses and leaders but also save time. Today I would like to introduce you the way to take meeting minutes with mind maps.

Firstly, we should know what exactly a meeting minute is. A meeting minute is a special note only be recorded in the meeting with comprehensive […]