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Learn how to use a mind map for decision making. Mind maps help you get information organized, and make well-considered decisions timely.

Learn 50/30/20 Budget Rule with Three Mind Maps

Do you make a budget for every month spending? How much can you save every month or you often spend over money? If you don’t know how to get your money in order and want to save money, there is an easy and effective way to try. The “50/30/20 rule”. This budget rule was coined by Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard bankruptcy expert named by Time magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.
Meanwhile, because of […]


A Mind Map of the Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs

You may have heard about the following statements: “Successful people read.” or “You are what you read”. Indeed, reading can improve your productivity a lot especially if you are an entrepreneur. Today, we gonna find out the top 10 recommended books in a mind map for entrepreneurs those have undergone the test of time.
Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs Mind Map
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How to Make a Fishbone Diagram with an Easy Mind Map Software

Fishbone diagrams, which are also been called as Cause and Effect Diagrams, were first pointed out by Kaoru Ishikawa. Generally, it is used for determining the root cause of a problem, especially in quality management. A typical fishbone diagram is composed of a single effect with a number of sub-causes. The fish head reflects the problem statement, and the fish body shows several different causes that contribute to the whole problem.

Here we gonna show you how to make a […]


Six Thinking Hats: Key Points You Need to Know in Easy Mind Maps

What are Six Thinking Hats?
The Six Thinking Hats is a theory pointed out by Edward de Bono, who is a psychologist and a philosopher from Malta. The theory offers an ever more effective and cohesive solution for both group discussions and individual thinking process. The model is considered as the underlying theory of Critical Thinking.

Mind Map made by the Free Mac Mind Mapping Application Edraw MindMaster
Why We Need Them?
Edward found that human brain may think in distinct challenging ways. Therefore, he […]

Choose the best mind map software

How to Choose the Best Mind Map Software

Do you apply mind mapping into your life? What mind map software do you use? At present, a number of mind map software are on the application market, covering free and paid ones. What functions do you want? Which platform do you need? Where are the mind maps saved? Before making a final decision of your choice, think twice about your original needs, budgets, and objectives. Read this blog to see how to choose the mind map software that […]

How to make a life plan

Mind Map Your Life Plan in 5 Steps

Why You Need to Mind Map Your Life Plan?
Have you ever felt afraid of publicizing your dream because it seemed too far to make it come true? I felt this way when I am not working hard enough to achieve my goal. When I was in my senior year at university, I decided to continue my study to get a master’s degree at London University. However, I failed to make the dream a detailed plan, which made my dream […]

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Mind Mapping for Decision Making

Mind mapping tools are popular when utilizing in various field including note taking, brainstorming, language learning, project management and also decision making. So for a decision-making plan, mind mapping tools benefit for offering a holistic view to contrast the different choices. If you need to make a decision with many choices, we suggest you branch off your ideas in the mind map and diagnose them accordingly. However, if there are only two alternatives, mind mapping tools help you analyze […]

Job interview

Mind Map for a Successful Job Interview

Mind mapping for a job interview matters a lot to the result. Landing a job that you want can be one of the most exciting events in our life, and job interviewing has always been one of the most important moments. Many excellent candidates have actually found the right job, however, ended in missing the job because they are not well prepared for the interview. Mind mapping for an interview urges you to take all detailed aspects into account, […]