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Find mind map examples and skills for education use. Mind map is great assistant in education and teaching. It helps you manage knowledge, take notes, make teaching presentation easily.

Mind Map Examples: Business, Lifestyle, Education and More

Mind map examples are quite useful for real-time applications, and they are easy to create by some free mind mapping software. The main categories of such examples mainly include online and offline business, daily life activities, personal improvement and educational uses. Today we gonna see some brilliant mind map examples.
Business Mind Map Examples
Mind maps are great for doing brand promotion in terms of a quite wide sub-topics: content marketing, innovations, creative thinking, blog SNS posts, offline marketing event planning and […]


How to Make a Concept Map: Recommended Easy Guide

A concept map, which can also be called as a conceptual diagram, shows relationships between ideas. Normally, a typical concept map is formed by a number of elements, such as text boxes, squares, connectors and various arrows, in order to show an overall hierarchical framework. In reality, concept maps are especially used in computer science fields, such as software development, Unified Modeling Language (UML) and so on. This article will gonna show you a step-by-step easy guide on how to make a concept map.

Let’s Start […]

American history feature image

U.S. History Mind Map: a Visual Guide to American History

Mind Mapping is a great visual solution to memorize hallmark events especially long history of a country. It helps you memorize when studying history. Today, taking the U.S. as an example, I will show you a visual guide to American history which is the U.S. history mind map.
Overview of the U.S. History Mind Map
The U.S. history mind map is divided into 6 periods, starting from 12,000 BC with North American Indian cultures flourishing to the millennium with the final end of […]

Use Mind Map in Teaching for Before-Class Preparation

Use Mind Maps in Teaching – Before Class Preparation

People use mind maps in note taking for both business and education in study, meeting minutes and lectures. Some far-sighted teachers have already introduce mind maps into teaching in different ways. Generally, a complete class includes three stages , pre-class, in-class and after-class. Take the class on “Types of Interest Rates” as an example, we introduce how to apply mind maps into giving a class about “Types of Interest Rates” pre-class, in-class and after-class in three articles respectively.
This article gives […]


How to Prepare a Great Presentation with Mind Maps

The presentation is a must-require skill which is widely applied in schools from elementary schools to universities. For a teacher in school, each class you teach can be regarded as presentations while for students, making a presentation is a basic skill which is an exercise for further speaking to the public with confidences. Today I would like to introduce an alternative solution for presentation – mind map.

What is a Mind Map Presentation?
Mind mapping, with the features of best-visualized information […]


Why Elementary School Students Need to Use Mind Maps

Benefits of Mind Mapping for Elementary School Students
Mind mapping is a brilliant educational tool for improving learning skills of elementary school students. Young generations can obtain knowledge by organizing information and connecting ideas or concepts.  So far mind maps have already been used in the educational sector of many EU countries such as the UK, France, and Finland.

Graph made by the Free Mind Map Software Edraw MindMaster
Normally, elementary school students can benefit from mind mapping for the following key reasons:

Mind […]

mind map for writing

Mind Map for Writing – A Must Grasp Skill for Authors

A mind map is an effective tool for recording and organizing information in an eye-catching outline view. As each article has its own theme to be extended, the logical relationship connecting those related plots with themes shows its importance. For an author, designing a mind map before writing is a must-grasp skill in a logical and comprehensive approach when writing. Today, I would like to share with you the steps of mind mapping for writing.

How to Design a Mind […]

Teach children to mind map

How to Use Mind Map to Develop Children’s Brain?

How can parents develop their children’s logical thinking ability? Choose a piece of easy-to-use mind mapping software for your children. Give them the chance to outline all their school work, personal projects and other ideas in a visual mapping.
Why Mind Mapping Helps Develop Children’s Logical Thinking Ability?
All parents hope their children to be an Einstein and good at thinking and expressing. Mind mapping is a great aid to develop their brain and excavate their logical thinking ability. As the […]


Why Researchers Say Mind Mapping Is Great for Brain Hacks?

The concept gains more popularity in recent years, especially in business or education related field. It is a simple concept and easy to start. In this article, we will talk about more details about mind mapping including its different types and some main benefits.

Graph made by the Free Mind Map Software Edraw MindMaster
Mind Mapping Types
Mind map has two basic kinds: paper-based and software-based. Both of these types are consist of a number of main and subtopics. The paper-kind map is […]


How Aristotle to Do with Mind Mapping Definition?

Mind Mapping Definition: Concept Origins
From the 1950s to the 1960s, the concept of the semantic network was developed by some researchers. In the 1970s, two more close models of mind mapping: concept maps and spider diagram, were developed by learning writers. Mind mapping definition was first pointed out by a famous UK psychology researcher Tony Buzan, who discussed the concept and relationship between the radial tree and mind mapping. Tony also argued that the concept was inspired by some science fiction […]