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Find mind map examples and skills for education use. A mind map is a great assistant in education and teaching. It helps you manage knowledge, take notes, make teaching presentation easily.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory divides human necessities into five different levels: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs. The theory holds that, in general, only when the satisfaction of one need reaches a certain level, people will pursue the demand on a higher level.
However, satisfaction does not mean to be 100%. It only needs to reach a certain critical point of this level to stimulate the pursuit of higher-level needs. Of course, the satisfaction […]

pomodoro technique

How to Learn the Pomodoro Technique with Mind Maps

Many people have heard of the Pomodoro Technique,  and know that people cut the task into a time unit of 25 minutes to work more efficiently. However, most people may not understand the basic principles in detail. So, today we will introduce what the Pomodoro Technique is and how it works with mind maps.
The Pomodoro Technique is to list the daily to-do tasks, then set an alarm clock with a length of 25 minutes for each job, and then […]


How to Add Relationships, Callouts, Summaries and Boundaries to Your Mind Map?

Relationships, callouts, summaries, and boundaries can help you better collect and organize your notes in mind mapping. In this article, we will show you how to quickly add and customize these basic tools in your mind map!
How to Add Relationships, Callouts, Summaries, and Boundaries to Your Mind Map?
Just free download this mind map software. Click on one of your mind map shapes and go to Home>Relationship, a green curved line will be shown as below for you to connect two […]


How to Customize Your Mind Map Shapes and Branches?

Mind maps are built on branches and shapes for you to go deep into your target topic. What’s more, you can customize these elements to make them look visually appealing. Here, we gonna show you how to customize mind map shapes and branches easily.
How to Customize Your Mind Map Shapes?
Simply free download this mind map software. Then go to Topic Format at the right-hand side panel. Click on one of your mind map shapes to edit its colors, shape style, […]


How to Insert Hyperlinks and Attachments to Your Mind Map?

Supportive materials, such as hyperlinks and attachments, are quite useful to help us understand concepts when we are working on projects or coursework with mind maps. In today’s how-to guide, we will show you how to insert hyperlinks and attachments to your mind map within a few clicks!
How to Insert Hyperlinks to Your Mind Map?
Here, we gonna use this free download mind map software as an example. Go to Home>Insert Hyperlink, then you can choose to add links for one […]


How to Apply and Customize Your Mind Map Theme Easily?

Mind maps are widely used in business and education fields, and visually appealing mind map themes will make your work looks brilliant. Wondering how to do so? Today, we will check out together how to apply and customize your mind map theme easily!
How to Apply a Mind Map Theme?
Just free download this mind map software. Then go to Page Style>Theme, where you can choose 33 different themes with black or white backgrounds. Simply click on the one you like, […]


How to Share Your Mind Map on Different SNS Platforms Quickly?

Social networking, or sometimes we may call it SNS, includes lots of online platforms for people to share and enjoy daily life stories, events, interests and many more. However, do you know how to share your mind maps on different SNS platforms? Let’s explore together right now!
How to Share Your Mind Map on Different SNS Platforms?
Here, we will use an easy mind map to show the process:
Step 1 – Open the Mind Map Software
First, you should free download the […]


How to Open and Edit a Mind Map in Evernote? – A Quick Guide

Evernote is a great cross-platform based note-taking and task-listing application developed by the Evernote company in California, the U.S.A. Users can create notes for web pages, photographs, videos and many more types of files. You can easily do tasks with Evernote on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. However, you can’t create mind maps with Evernote. So what should we do? Today, let’s find out together how to open and edit a mind map in Evernote!
Let’s take the following […]


How to Create a Radial Map with a Mind Mapping Tool?

Radial maps, or some times been called radius maps, are popular in many fields and industries including commercial and academic organizations. Creating a radial map is also quite fun. Simply read this article for more information to have a try today!
What is a Radial Map?
As the name indicated, a radial map has a main topic at the center circle with a number of larger circles extended to the outer space. Usually, the central topic is clearly defined, then you […]


How to Create a Bubble Map with a Mind Mapping Tool?

Bubble maps are widely used in both business and educational fields. It is also quite fun to create a bubble map. Just read this article for more information so you can have a try right away!
What is a Bubble Map?
A bubble map has a large circle at the center of the map with a number of branch lines extend to smaller circles, which are also called bubbles. The central idea of a bubble map is clearly defined, and you […]