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Find mind map examples and skills for education use. A mind map is a great assistant in education and teaching. It helps you manage knowledge, take notes, make teaching presentation easily.

10 usages of minnd map in teaching

10 Usages of Mind Map in Teaching

The mind map has become more and more popular in not only business but also education. Due to the development of the Internet and availability of free mind mapping maker, usage of the mind map in teaching has spread to various aspects. A number of far-sighted teachers have already introduced mind map into their daily teaching out of its significance towards students in sparkling creativity, deepening comprehension and stimulating independent learning, etc. How can a teacher apply mind map […]

mind mapping tool example

Mind Mapping Tool for Students to Go Easy with Courseworks

For students from middle schools, high schools or universities, mind mapping tool is very convenient and easy-to-use for homework, language learning, note taking, group projects, and presentations. More specifically, students can design any simple websites, get a general idea or plan for their dissertation, or do their exam revision. You can even find out any missing arguments from your lectures.  Below is a practical example of how to plan your coursework. For daily life uses, mind mapping top advantages can assist […]

Top 10 Mind Mappinf Tool for Windows

Top 10 Mind Map Software for Windows

The word “mind map” might not be strange to you.  However, can you explain what exactly it is at the second I mentioned it? Well, I guess some of you may hesitate for a while. To put simply, a mind map turns traditional complex texts into concise texts with visualized symbols. It is a diagram which organizes information hierarchically and shows relationships among pieces of the whole.  Back to when digital mapping tools hadn’t appeared, people would sketch a […]

Learn Parts of Speech with Mind Map

Learn English Grammar with Mind Maps – Parts of Speech

Learning English grammar has always been a pain for many people. It’s true that grammar can be tough even for native speakers. Despite hearing the language from people around, grammar is seldom taken in their school curriculum. What`s more, what is acquired from their daily life is sometimes not correct. As is said by  Robert Browning, “Less is more”, a meticulous grammar book might be good for advanced learners, but more detailed explanations usually come with more pages, thus […]

Learn Grammar with Mind Map

Learn English Grammar with Mind Maps – Sentence Types

An essay is made up of numerous sentences that follow corresponding grammar rules. Before typing out texts, it’s necessary that you make sure your sentences have correct meaning and placement. In this case, it’s of great importance to get an overall vision on English sentence types.
Why Should I Choose to Learn Sentence Types with a Mind Map?
English grammar itself has never been easy for the overwhelming majority. Starting a demanding subject from a brick-like book will surely decrease your […]

Make a book summary with mind map

How to Make a Book Summary with Mind Maps

A book summary serves to record information of a book, usually including information about the author, the plot, the characters and themes. A good book summary offers you a whole picture of a particular book and strengthens their impression on this book, thus employing the reader more gains. As is quoted by Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is power.” The main resource where we retain knowledge books. This clearly explains why people need to make a book summary.
How Do People Make […]

Write essay

How to Write an Essay by Mind Maps

Essay-writing is a significant academic part of language learning for university and college students. So for freshmen, what is an essay and how to write an essay become two difficulties. Some students have a clear thought of writing an essay, but most of them might feel puzzled when they first get that task. Today I highly recommend you with an effective solution, Mind Mapping, for students who are struggling with essay tasks. Before introducing how to write an essay […]

avoid fragmentation

Avoid Mind Fragmentation by Mind Maps

When you look at one word for over 3 minutes, you will find that you may even forget what those words are. Similarly, when you focus on one thing for a long time, you may forget what you are doing and what you need to do. Memory sometimes sets up a trap for what you are really familiar with the particular time. Then you beat your brain but nothing comes to your mind. All the situations indicate fragmentation of […]

note taking

How to Take Notes with Mind Maps

Mind maps are powerful for not only for language learning, brainstorming but also note-taking. People always take notes for a speech, a meeting and a book review. Now we provide you with a novel method to take notes with mind maps instead of the traditional way by adding summary and excerpt in the sequence of each chapter.
You may ask why we need to use mind maps replacing traditional copy and extracting pattern. Previously, most of the people take notes for reading […]