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Eurovision Song Content Mind Map – Who will Win This Year?

The Eurovision Song Contest, often called Eurovision, is an EU song competition held every year since 1956. Each participating nation performances an original song during the competition then the journalists (accounts for 50% of the vote) and audience from the other countries vote for their favorite song. The latest voting system is 12 points for 1st place; 10 points for 2nd place; 8 points for 3rd place, and 7 to 1 points for the 4th to 10th place. So far, Eurovision […]


Marvel Cinematic Universe Mind Map – How Many Superheroes Do You Know?

The film Avenger Alliance 4: Endgame was released on April 26th. Do you know all the other Marvel comics works? Today, let’s explore more about the topic based on a Marvel Cinematic Universe mind map!
Marvel Comics Introduction
Marvel Comics is a cartoon giant in the United States. It was founded in 1939 by a publisher Martin Goodman, who had previously devoted himself to the creation of popular magazines covering Western stories, detectives, adventures and science fictions.  Marvel Comics’ first superhero […]


Game of Thrones Mind Map – Explore the Kinship Relationship

Game of Thrones is a medieval epic fantasy drama produced by HBO. The play is adapted from an American writer George R. Martin’s fantasy novel A Song of Ice and Fire. The show is so far the best-selling overseas regular series in HBO’s history. Its final season (the eighth season) was released on April 14, 2019 in the United States time, and will end on May 19th, 2019. How will the final season end? Let’s use a Game of Thrones […]


Top IMDB Oscar Directors Mind Map – Which is Your Best Movie?

The 91st Oscar Academy Awards ceremony took place in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California on Feb. 24th, 2019. So far, the Oscars have been set awards to many excellent movies, directors, actors and actresses etc. It is regarded as the oldest worldwide entertainment awards ceremony and is now available to worldwide audience and fans. Today, we will check out the top IMDB Oscar directors in a mind map below:

Reference: IMDB top 250 movies (date cited Mar. 7th 2019). Mind map made […]


How to Manage Your Time Efficiently with Mind Maps?

Mind mapping is a powerful and visually appealing practice to map out your ideas around a central topic. You can do nearly every daily task by using mind maps. Today, I will show you how to manage your time efficiently with mind maps!
Why We Need Mind Maps for Time Management?
Normally, we may face countless working tasks on our to-do list. As a result, we often get lost in many possibilities. In such cases, you may say something like “I […]


Learn 50/30/20 Budget Rule with Three Mind Maps

Do you make a budget for every month spending? How much can you save every month or you often spend over money? If you don’t know how to get your money in order and want to save money, there is an easy and effective way to try. The “50/30/20 rule”. This budget rule was coined by Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard bankruptcy expert named by Time magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.
Meanwhile, because of […]


How to Create a Mind Map Online? – An Easy Guide

In recent years, the popularity of mind mapping is self-evident, since an increasing number of people use mind maps as a new way of thinking. Mind mapping indeed is worth trying based on its advantages. Today, we gonna show you the basic concepts of mind mapping and how to efficiently create a mind map online. Let’s start now!
What is a Mind Map?
Mind mapping is not a very complex concept. It is a structured model centering on a topic and diverging […]


Know More about New Year in an Easy Mind Map

The New Year holiday is coming, but how much do you know about the event? Simply read this article for more background and different cultural celebrations of the event in an easy mind map. You can also create your own New Year mind maps with the handy mind mapping software.
What is the New Year about?
Generally, New Year is the day at which a new calendar year starts. A large number of regions and countries celebrate the New Year event […]


TOP 6 iOS Mind Map Apps for All Occasions

Visualizing information and capture your dynamic ideas had never been so interesting before by using some great mind map apps on your iOS devices. A useful iOS mind map app will also improve your productivity and allows you to effortlessly explore more fields. Now, let’s make the most of this guide for the top 6 iOS mind map apps.
How Did We Pick the Top iOS Mind Map Apps?
Before we check out the list, let’s see some criteria that were […]


Gerda Taro: The Legendary Life in an Easy Mind Map

Gerda Taro was a famous and admired photographer and is also considered as the world first woman photojournalist died in the frontline in a war. On 1st August 2018 was her 108th anniversary. You can see more about her legendary life highlights by clicking on the below mind map.

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