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How to Mind Map Your Work Effectively: Fast Solutions

How to Mind Map Your Work: Step 1 Decide Your Central Topic
The central topic is your starting point of the project. It is also the idea you wanna go further. How to mind map your center topic is critical. Normally the central topic should be located in the center of your mind map. If you prefer images, you could add one for your key topic to draw more attention, or triggers important relations.
You should also consider that human […]

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Mind Mapping for Decision Making

Mind mapping tools are popular when utilizing in various field including note taking, brainstorming, language learning, project management and also decision making. So for a decision-making plan, mind mapping tools benefit for offering a holistic view to contrast the different choices. If you need to make a decision with many choices, we suggest you branch off your ideas in the mind map and diagnose them accordingly. However, if there are only two alternatives, mind mapping tools help you analyze […]

Job interview

Mind Map for a Successful Job Interview

Mind mapping for a job interview matters a lot to the result. Landing a job that you want can be one of the most exciting events in our life, and job interviewing has always been one of the most important moments. Many excellent candidates have actually found the right job, however, ended in missing the job because they are not well prepared for the interview. Mind mapping for an interview urges you to take all detailed aspects into account, […]

Top 10 Mind Mappinf Tool for Windows

Top 10 Mind Map Software for Windows

The word “mind map” might not be strange to you.  However, can you explain what exactly it is at the second I mentioned it? Well, I guess some of you may hesitate for a while. To put simply, a mind map turns traditional complex texts into concise texts with visualized symbols. It is a diagram which organizes information hierarchically and shows relationships among pieces of the whole.  Back to when digital mapping tools hadn’t appeared, people would sketch a […]

Organize your house with a mind map

A Mind Map Gets Your House Organized

Cindy leads a busy life, working from 9:00 to 18:00 every weekday, plus three hours on the way to work and home. She poorly has spare time to clean her house except for weekends – a short weekly vacation that she hopes to spend dating with friends and traveling with family.  Even though, she has to pick a fixed weekend period to tidy up her house. Every week, she starts off with a nice house and a nice mood. […]

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How to Plan a Trip by Mind Maps

People always meet some urgent situations when they are on a trip, so their trip is always in a mess. You may think you have a well-organized plan before your departure, but things are not always as expected. Today, I recommend a good solution for your plan, which is a mind map. The following steps show how to plan a trip by using a free mind map tool.

Step 1 Destination selection
The initial thing for you to think about when planning […]

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How to Plan Schedule with Mind Maps

You may notice that currently people pay much attention to time and control their time strictly.  Thus, time concept motivates people to boost efficiency powerfully. Planning a schedule becomes a practical process of time concept, but at that time calendar could not meet the requirement of high demands. In this article, I will introduce you a productive and intuitive way – plan schedule with mind maps.

Comparisons of schedule tools and mind maps imply a prodigious gap. Using traditional time […]