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A mind map is a great tool for project planning and project management. Learn how to use a mind map to manage tasks, allocate resources and organize your work.

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How to Effectively Communicate with Your Superior

In our work and life, we may encounter things that do not meet the superior’s requirements or do something that is not demanded by the leadership. In our opinion, it may be an unattractive behavior, but from the perspective of the administration, whether we do things well is a direct reflection of our abilities. This sub-mind map is divided into four parts, and it summarizes how we communicate with superior and how to avoid speaking and doing wrongly. To […]


A Mind Map of the Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs

You may have heard about the following statements: “Successful people read.” or “You are what you read”. Indeed, reading can improve your productivity a lot especially if you are an entrepreneur. Today, we gonna find out the top 10 recommended books in a mind map for entrepreneurs those have undergone the test of time.
Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs Mind Map
Simply click on the mind map below for more information.

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Assistant Project Manager: Essential Points in Easy Mind Maps

What Is an Assistant Project Manager?
An assistant project manager usually follows the direction of the PM to take on tasks of construction. He or she is responsible for helping Project Managers for any projects in order to make sure that budget, schedule, team performance and quality standards are met. Normally, the role requires a professional experience of 3-5 years of construction projects.

Graph made by the Mac Mind Mapping Application Edraw MindMaster
What Duties are for the Role?
An assistant project manager […]


IT Project Management with Easy Mind Maps: Key Concepts

What Is IT Project Management?
Normally, IT project management are the steps of planning, sorting and developing information technology products and services. Such management activities may include a wide range of sub-categories, like mobile application development, hardware establishment, network system development, cloud computing and data system analysis etc.
Why We Need It?
In reality, enterprises and organizations may fail to follow an appropriate standard for their IT project management. Such problems could happen at any stages of their project process, e.g. at the beginning of […]


Linux Project Management Tools: Cool Things You Should Experience

Linux Project Management Tools are not so easy to find as Windows or Mac project management software. So far, the free software market has been dominated by Windows or Mac users, but it does not mean Linux ones are out. Today we gonna see a quite easy-to-use project management program for Linux!

Linux Project Management Tools: Features Insights
Here you can see a list of the most important functions and features for project management tasks.
Gantt Chart Creation
It is known as the very […]


Agile Mind Map: An Easy Shortcut for New Product

Agile Mind Map: Basic Meaning
An agile mind map refers to agile project management, especially in software development and operations. The word Agile usually shows a continuous improvement in the overall project cycle and the quality of products. Common agile approaches, such as agile mind map creation, Agile Manifesto, and the well-known 12 Agile principles, have close relationships.
How to Use an Agile Mind Map for Product Development?
Agile Management Key Aspects
The main aim of creating an agile mind map is to clearly show the […]


5 Must-Have Gantt Chart Generators for Successful Projects

Gantt charts can be considered as the combination of some bar charts that indicate different schedules, especially for project management. Gantt charts illustrate several important elements like task time periods, project progress and breakdown frameworks. Let’s shart right now for the 5 must-have Gantt Chart generators!
Edraw MindMaster (Free Download Right Now!)
The software covers great advantages, such as the Gantt Chart tool for easily managing tasks; the night mode user interface for overnight projects;  and the libraries where you can add […]


All You Need to Know about Top Gantt Chart Makers

Gantt charts are similar to the combination of a number of bar charts that indicate different project schedules. Gantt charts illustrate several important elements such as task time periods, project progress and breakdown frameworks. Using Gantt Chart makers now considered as a key job technique for project management.
Gantt Chart Makers: Edraw MindMaster (Free Download Right Now!)
Edraw MindMaster has both free and full versions, and for the free version, users can export work without watermark. The software also includes a number of advantages to […]

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Any Best Gantt Chart Software for Project Management?

A Gantt chart is a kind of bar chart that shows different project schedules. Gantt charts illustrate task time periods and conclude project elements. You can often see breakdown framework and percentage progress shadings in a typical Gantt Chart. Using some best Gantt Chart software now regarded as a common job technique for project management.
Best Gantt Chart Software: Edraw MindMaster (Free Download)
The software has a number of cool features. You can export or print your work without watermark for its free version. The night mode background […]

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The Ultimate Guide to TOP 5 Free Gantt Chart Software

Gantt chart is usually used by project managers for project management. Good Gantt Chart software can assist you quickly track project progress,  assign members to tasks or set task period. This article will show you the top 5 options for free Gantt Chart software.
Edraw MindMaster (Free Download Right Now!)
One of the most advantages of this free Gantt Chart software is it has NO watermark for users to export work in the free trial version. It has several languages including English, French, German and Japanese. The night […]