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A mind map is a great tool for project planning and project management. Learn how to use a mind map to manage tasks, allocate resources and organize your work.

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Gantt Chart Creators: Top 5 Picks from Project Managers

Gantt chart is especially welcomed by employee or managers who are dealing with project management. Good Gantt Chart creators can help users clearly track project progress,  assign members to tasks or set task period. A series of top picks of Gantt Chart Creators will be discussed in this article for your reference.
Gantt Chart Creators: Top Options
GanttPRO is generally easy to use with the clear user interface. Simple but powerful solution to built Gantt diagrams. Work well when you are preparing or changing […]

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Gantt Chart Software: Best 5 Inspiring Recommendations

Gantt chart is normally used for project management. Project managers or team leaders use some good Gantt Chart software to clearly track project progress,  assign members to tasks, set different time period for tasks and so on. In this article, a number of tops recommended Gantt Chart software will be shown to you.
Gantt Chart Software Best Recommended Brands
This Gantt Chart software has the very basic functions that you need for Gantt Chart creations. You can add tasks, assign workers, check reviewers, […]


Secrets of Successful Gantt Chart Creation for Project Management

What is the Gantt Chart
Gantt chart, which is usually used for project management field, is a kind of tool to clearly show project progress and duties for each of the group member. Gantt Chart can show a number of specific and divided steps covering task details such as duration, leader, and workload etc. Every key project factor can be sorted in good order. Except for Excel, you can also draw a Gantt Chart by some convenient and even more […]

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How to Become a Project Manager: Little Known Key Factors

Graduates need to plan their career and may ask themselves: “How to become a project manager?” Project managers are not so complex concepts as you imagined. The role is mainly about planning, leading project teams, assisting resources and tracking budgets of the project. 
However, becoming a project manager takes hard efforts just like many other jobs in the world. You can know how to build your professional profile as a project manager by reading this article.

Graph made by the Mac […]


Here’s How to Be a Professional Construction Project Manager

Normally, construction project managers are ensuring that all relevant construction project targets are met.  The role is significant throughout the overall project process that cooperates closely with some other roles like building engineers. A construction project manager can access all corners of the building for the project.

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Main Duties of Construction Project Manager
A professional construction manager has lots of work duties including:

Structuring – A construction project manager plans and structures the overall aspects […]

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Wondering What Makes a Successful Project Portfolio Management?

Basically, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a type of process and approach used for analyzing and managing ongoing projects with a number of important factors. Project managers aim to use project portfolio management to achieve the optimal resource and the financial goals of an organization. Such goals have constraints from business partners, customers, or some other unseen cases.

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Project Portfolio Management – Key Factors
Project portfolio management offers project managers and large-scale project-driven owners the […]


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Project Management App: How Does It Operate
Lots of experienced project managers need the assistance of a project management app. Even sometimes clients may also need project management app to share and manage their personal accounts. Project management apps help the whole team redirect business resources, and track complex tasks into component factors. Project managers also use some Gantt Chart apps to set a milestone and assign tasks to a specific employee. Such insights features are really important and effective for […]

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Software Project Management: Benefits and How to Choose

Software Project Management: Benefits You Can Get
Generally, a good project management tool offers users suitable business operations, user-friendly dashboard, convenient functions in order to increase profit and reduce unnecessary enterprise cost. For some advanced project management tools, you may also get access to adequate data analysis for several tasks. Hence you can standardize the process in solid teams to avoid risks.
The most key point is: a suitable software project management would always assist you to find what you really need […]

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Project Management Tools: Features, Usages and Market Trend

Project Management Tools: Main Common Features
Basically, project management tools have some key features for users:

Real-time Team Communication: The majority of project management tools has communication feature for managers to discuss tasks. Hence users can find and solve any problems at an early stage.
Managing Document: Document sharing feature is also important for users to edit task details, store files or share with teammates.
Managing task details: Users can identify any possible risks, define the scope of a project, set deadline, managing budgets, and costs, […]

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Agile Project Management: Concepts, Benefits & How to Do

Agile Project Management: Concepts
Agile project management becomes very popular now and has been widely adopted in so many effective project methodologies. Agile focuses on continuous improvement, customer feedback, team achievement and project cycle flexibility in order to deliver quality products.
Agile methods also have a close relationship with Agile Manifesto and the famous 12 Agile principles. Agile concepts become even popular in the software industry, but you can even benefit from the spirit of agile methods if you are […]