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A mind map is a great tool for project planning and project management. Learn how to use a mind map to manage tasks, allocate resources and organize your work.

How to Better Understand Agile Methodology with Mind Maps?

Agile Manifesto is an important aspect of agile project management and agile methodology, especially for software development. In addition, the agile methodology can be combined with other methodologies, to create a hybrid business solution.
The main purpose of the agile manifesto is to present the core values of agile project management. In reality, agile methodology is used for implementing agile methodologies in business projects. Here you can see a brief summary of all the main agile manifesto functions.

Communicating about […]


Introducing the Best Google Project Management Tool Alternative

Normally, project management tasks including several important elements: start and end date, multi-task capacity, and the to-do list functions. Alternatives to Google project management software assist people to go beyond their human brain limitations by offering useful reports for budget solutions, better teamwork communications and business resources. As a result, the overall team can clearly monitor task progress and individual duties.

Google Project Management Tool Alternative: LiquidPlanner
The software offers business consolidated ways to project management, especially for software companies. Some of […]


Best Alternative for Microsoft Project Management Software in 6 Months

“Project” refers to a specific type of work. A typical project management process involves a start and end date, team members and task duties. Teams can solve several projects via good project management software. These applications can go beyond human memory capacity and offer your good collaborations. Some project management tools even offer real-time meeting features and mobile project applications.
This article just lists 3 options for you, simply check out this top 10 Microsoft Project alternatives Gantt chart software guide for […]

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Best Project Management Software: Pros and Cons

Best Project Management Software: What Is It
The best project management software allows employee or project manager to plan tasks, resource business allocation and track project progress etc. Hence stakeholders or clients can control profits, costs, and product quality. Team members can also communicate via project management software. The main features and functions of best project management software are as the following:

Planning Tasks: Project managers can visually describe and schedule their tasks.
Managing Tasks: Team leaders can create and assign tasks […]

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Free Project Management Software: Top Ranks for You

Free project management software is for project managers to establish and manage organizational projects. Most project management software in the market have free trial versions with limited features and functions. During the free trial period, users can get to know about the main features of a specific software. You can see some of the common points for project management software as below:

Free Project Management Software: Recommendations for You
Pros: Taiga.io has a powerful API function that allows users to automate certain […]

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Where to Find the Best Project Management Software?

Project Management Software: What Is It About
The word “Project” is a specific kind of work. Normally project management involves a certain period of time, team members, and steps. Human memory has great potential, but indeed has its limitation on memory capacity. Therefore project management software can assist the human brain to effectively deliver results, handle multiple projects and provide solutions according to budget and resources.

Some project management software even offers real-time functions for teammates to monitor and track project process. […]

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Project Management Tool: Productive Ones You May Not Know

Project Management Tool: Main Types
Project management tool is very important for business and normally has four main types: High-end systems, Small or medium size systems, Single level tool, an in-house tool. High-end is specially designed for large organizations or enterprises. Small or middle-sized systems are mainly about online web tools. Individual tool type is mainly for personal tasks or projects, which can be web-based. The in-house tools are usually installed in firms’ office computer devices or servers.

Wrike may not […]

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How to Create a Product Plan with Mind Maps

Product managers always have massive flashes of new products in their brains, but they still need to organize those scattered ideas into a systematic plan. Compared with other methods, a mind map has intuitive and visual features which makes your product plan more readable and logical. Therefore, in order to create a product plan with mind maps, the components of a product plan should be aware of.
Components of a Product Plan

Graph made by the Mac Mind Mapping Application Edraw MindMaster 


For […]

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How to Plan Schedule with Mind Maps

You may notice that currently people pay much attention to time and control their time strictly.  Thus, time concept motivates people to boost efficiency powerfully. Planning a schedule becomes a practical process of time concept, but at that time calendar could not meet the requirement of high demands. In this article, I will introduce you a productive and intuitive way – plan schedule with mind maps.

Comparisons of schedule tools and mind maps imply a prodigious gap. Using traditional time […]