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A mind map is an effective tool for note-taking. Find useful mind map note-taking skills and examples.

How to Insert Marks, Clipart, and Images to Your Mind Map?

Mind mapping is a great tool to improve our productivity in many different fields. Furthermore, you may don’t know that adding marks, clipart or images would make our mind maps more visually appealing than before. Today, we will find out together how to insert marks, clipart, and images to your mind map!
How to Insert Marks to Your Mind Map?
It’s quite easy to do so by using this free mind map software. You can either go to the Insert Mark […]


How to Open and Edit a Mind Map in Evernote? – A Quick Guide

Evernote is a great cross-platform based note-taking and task-listing application developed by the Evernote company in California, the U.S.A. Users can create notes for web pages, photographs, videos and many more types of files. You can easily do tasks with Evernote on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. However, you can’t create mind maps with Evernote. So what should we do? Today, let’s find out together how to open and edit a mind map in Evernote!
Let’s take the following […]

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Mind Mapping Tool for Students to Go Easy with Courseworks

For students from middle schools, high schools or universities, mind mapping tool is very convenient and easy-to-use for homework, language learning, note taking, group projects, and presentations. More specifically, students can design any simple websites, get a general idea or plan for their dissertation, or do their exam revision. You can even find out any missing arguments from your lectures.  Below is a practical example of how to plan your coursework. For daily life uses, mind mapping top advantages can assist […]

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How to Take Notes with Mind Maps

Mind maps are powerful for not only for language learning, brainstorming but also note-taking. People always take notes for a speech, a meeting and a book review. Now we provide you with a novel method to take notes with mind maps instead of the traditional way by adding summary and excerpt in the sequence of each chapter.
You may ask why we need to use mind maps replacing traditional copy and extracting pattern. Previously, most of the people take notes for reading […]

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How to Take Meeting Minutes with Mind Maps

Meeting minutes always become nightmares for administrators, officials, secretaries, and assistants especially beginners of users. Choosing a good method of taking meeting minutes will not only give a good impression on your bosses and leaders but also save time. Today I would like to introduce you the way to take meeting minutes with mind maps.

Firstly, we should know what exactly a meeting minute is. A meeting minute is a special note only be recorded in the meeting with comprehensive […]